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Apr 18, 2008

Healthy way to lose weight

Healthy way to lose weightBeing a healthy weight will help you live longer, because, of course, you are not at risk of the dangerous health problems that come with being overweight. There are ways to lose weight by eating a great tasting foods and lots of it! You do not have to exercise (the exercise is very healthy though, and it is good for the body) or go crazy diet to lose weight and keep it off, in fact can not simply eat and maintain a healthy body!

A very popular diet of course is to reduce the amount of calories you take, but is not very effective because of the way the metabolism of the organs of the works. See to reduce the amount of calories that you take in your metabolism detects the fall of calories, and then fits and starts to burn fewer calories each day. For example, if you take in 3000 calories a day your metabolism adjusts, and then his body will begin to burn 3000 calories a day. If you reduce the amount of calories to 1000 (which is not healthy) will adjust its metabolism and start burning 1000 calories a day. That is why most diets fail, and why you can lower your consumption of calories and can not lose a pound, and why someone who takes more calories that you do not for one pound (why I someone can eat like a horse small, but like a cat).

Being a healthy weight will enable it to have a more active lifestyle and reduce the stress level that has, therefore, as a result of a long-term lifestyle (active). If you are in an unhealthy weight and you are serious about your body in a healthy way and have the energy and self-confidence that is supposed to have then click on the link provided to enable him to live life as it was meant to be lived!