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Apr 7, 2008

Is Lasik Surgery good for the eyes?

lasik surgeryAt first glance, it looks like it has changed the cornea (instead of any concave or convex lenses). But does it make the case stay? There are some long-term problems faced by patients lasik surgery?

From what I found study of Los angles Lasik eye patients did not seem to be so much evidence on the theory of complications. In my personal experience, two of my friends had them done eight years ago, and both are doing well.

If you ask any Los Angeles lasik surgeon, Dr. Andrew Caster for example, I think you get the same answer that the machine, and the experience does not make it safe. But that does not mean that no complications arise, but if you go to a good eye doctor, he or she is (or at least should) consider your rights and reject you for lasik if you unfit. For example, you can be cornea is too thin or vision may be too poor, in which case they would recommend contacts.

In addition, there are many types of lasik. For people like me who are touching forty monovision may be the way. In Los Angeles Monovision is becoming quite popular with one eye corrected for long distances, and the other is for reading.

The most important thing for any potential patient: do your homework, and do not be afraid to ask questions.