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Apr 4, 2008

Top Ten Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

mel gibson hair lossAlthough people with overdoses philosophy say is not something that from the outside, but inside the skull that counts, people suffering from hair loss, as it is the other way around. People from the "almost" all cultures are obsessed covered with hair growth.

Ayurveda is defined obsession few centuries ago, and gave instructions to minimize the loss of hair and better hair growth in its beauty care scheme, which is commonly called lavanya sutra or sutra for lavanyam or beauty.

While lavanyam belongs to the women's beauty, hair tips will be useful for tougher sex, too.

Here are ten tips to prevent hair loss and the healthy growth of hair.

1. Gently massage your hand with a scalpel after applying hair oil, coconut oil, or as sesame oil.

2. Eat Indian gooseberry in any form, in the early afternoon. Do not take gooseberry products later in the night, as it may affect your beautiful dental line.

3. Boil fresh or dried and dry Indian gooseberry (also called amla) in coconut oil. Apply this nutrient for the growth of hair.

4. Eat all kinds of vegetables and fruits. This will ensure the supply of vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth. Vitamins and minerals are good for your health, too.

5. There is also a protein-rich food products - tuna, meat, whole milk are beneficial.

6. While bathing, wash your head with cold water only. This winter, and the water is cold, you can do this luke-warm. It is normal to wash the body with cold water.

7. Apply the oil on your brahmi scalpel before bedtime. Good for hair growth and brain.

8. Dandruff is a cause of hair loss. Squeeze the lemon half to half a litre of water and rinse hair and scalpel to this water as a treatment for dandruff. Do this no more than three times a week and for up to one month.

9. Rosemary oil is aromatherapy oil, which can be applied to your hair once a week for reducing hair fall.

10. Compression few hibiscus leaves and flowers (shoes flower), with two to three cups of water. Water becomes thick with juice, and use this water for washing hair. Thoroughly cleanses hair and attached dark hair bright colors.

Do not use soap or shampoo to high-power head, as it may affect the healthy growth of hair.